Appalachian Journey Series | Brown Mountain Lights Series - by CC Tillery

Brown Mountain Lights Series

Book 6

Traversing the Brown Mountain Lights

After six years, time-traveler/healer Lizzie Baker has finally made it back to her time in the 20th century with her husband Jonah, his sister Andrea, her son Joseph and partner Mike, Lizzie’s best friend Abbie, and Belinda and Pearl, the orphans they care for. Upon returning, Lizzie learns her father is suffering from a terminal illness and is determined to spend his remaining days caring for him. After his death, she and the others decide to move from Knoxville, Tennessee back to the Hampton plantation on Brown Mountain, North Carolina, a place that played a major role in Lizzie’s life during the 19th and 21st centuries.

Their family adapts quickly to life in the 1970s, finding it a peaceful, happy time, until Abbie uncovers a newspaper article reporting the murders of her sister Sarie and husband Josh, Lizzie’s former fiancé, in 1867. Lizzie is once more forced to make a decision, to stay in the 20th century where her life is comfortable and safe or travel back in time once more to the 19th century, during a dangerous and unstable period in the South, to warn Sarie and Josh. Knowing her husband Jonah will travel with her, she is more than aware that once Sarie and Josh are safe, this will prompt another decision, to do as Jonah desires, go forward to his time, the war-ravaged 21st century, to learn the fates of and possibly help the friends they left behind, or return to her time, which is where she wishes to remain.

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