Appalachian Journey Series | Brown Mountain Lights Series - by CC Tillery

Appalachian Journey Series

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In the dawning years of the 20th century, Bessie Daniels leaves her hometown of Hot Springs, North Carolina and travels east over the mountains to live with her new husband Fletcher Elliott in the Broad River section of North Carolina.

Bess and Fletch stay with Flether’s parents for the first five years of their married life with Bessie teaching in a one-room schoolhouse and Fletcher working at the lumber mill in Old Fort while they save to buy property of their own on Stone Mountain.

In 1906, they purchase 400 acres of the old Zachariah Solomon Plantation which includes a small house with a shack beside it, a branch of Cedar Creek, a row of dilapidated slave cabins … and ghosts.

Thus begins Bessie’s next phase of life where the gift of sight she inherited from her Cherokee ancestors grows stronger, her healing abilities are put to the test, and where she encounters a vicious secret society that tries to force her and Fletcher to turn their backs on a family sharecropping and living in one of the cabins. When Bessie and Fletch refuse to give in to their demands, the group strikes back, bringing pain and suffering to their once serene existence on Stone Mountain.

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